Now the hard part begin

by signedbymali

I did some painting last night and then I googled a bit about oilcolors and found out that it isn’t that good to use when you have kids at home, because of the odours. So now what? I’ve tried acrylic once but wasn’t satisfied with the color drying that fast. Maybe I’ll give it another try. I’ve also heard about some oil color that is better then other. Paint that resolve in water. But then it’s the linseed oil, I’m not so comfortable with having that in the apartment either, with the fire risk on cloths. So I guess I have to give acrylic a chance again, do any of you know if there are a way to make the color dry slower?


I also got a longing to learn scrapbooking art, so the painting from yesterday will be a scrapbooking project.
If it’s going to be good, yea I can’t really tell.