On holiday – challenge of the week

by signedbylo

So I’ve just found this blog called inspiration avenue that have weekly art challenges. You can use what kind of art that you want to be a part in the challenge. I guess I mostly will use oil painting and drawing and stuff that I usually use, but this time I just found the blog my last day of the challenge so I’ll take some pictures from my travels that I’d like to come back to. So this week, pictures of holidays.

I sort of have to go to the lake here in Sweden.

Also, as every summer, I so want to go to Vadstena, it’s a beautiful little town where I try to go to every summer.

Another summer vacation here in Sweden. A special place we always go to fika. This year, my plan is to take my bike there.

I really want to go back to Paris this autumn. So I’m planning on it.

The beach in Pattaya in Thailand. I’m sure to go back to Thailand.

Chiang mai, the place that’s always in my heart. In my dreams I go there,  in real life it’s impossible but now when it’s about virtual traveling, it’s the place I would go today!

I’m also planning to go to LA, just don’t have any pictures from there cause I never been there.